The Swim. High Waisted
The Swim. High Waisted
The Swim. High Waisted
The Swim. High Waisted

The Swim. High Waisted

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Built for swimming, absorbs 2 tampons worth of blood, perfect for beach days and pool parties. 

Happy Summer! It is now! I’m the Period. Swim High Waisted. Take me to the beach, take me to the pool, take me anywhere - I’ll absorb your period blood, while you absorb the sunshine and good times. How do I work? It’s simple. I’m made of a special absorbency fabric, that doesn’t absorb the outside fluid of the surrounding water - lake, ocean, pool -  but keeps absorbing your period on the inside. So you can dive/swim/splash then lay in the sun and not worry for one second about leaking. Now I know summer and pool parties have traditionally been a time of trauma for people on their periods, but I am here to change all of that.  You don’t need to worry about leaving the fun to change a tampon, or leaking - all you need to do (and this is really important) is worry about what top to accessorize with me. That is a really important decision. I want to look really good out there. Or at least as good as you. Now, where’s the beach volleyball game happening? 

Have more questions about Period. Swim? Click here to read our FAQ's. 

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Our Fabrics

Main: 80% Recycled Nylon, 20% Spandex

Absorbent Layer: 100% Polyester  

Leak Proof Layer: 100% Polyester PUL


None, zero, nada, zilch. We are proud to be one of the few period underwear brands that do not use any toxins in our products because who wants chemicals near the most sensitive part of their body? Not us. Or you.

Our fabrics have been rigorously tested by a third party company to ensure we are compliant with industry standards and best practices. We are proud to use fabric that is free of PFAS toxins. You can read more about product safety here

How to take care of your Period.

Give your Period. a quick rinse after leaving the water.

Hand wash cold with a mild detergent. 

 Hang dry. Do not bleach or dry clean.   

Each pair of Period. swimwear can hold up to 2 tampons worth of blood.

How long will one pair of Period. swimwear last?

You can swim as long as you want. Period blood really doesn’t come out in the water because of the water pressure. But you do flow on the beach, by the pool, the lake etc… That’s what Period Swim absorbs. One pair can hold up two tampons worth of blood.

Have more questions?

Check out our Swim FAQ's here (scroll to bottom of page).

Personal message from The Sky: Hi, as you can imagine, I’ve seen everything, but today I’m seeing something new. A new generation leading the way in non-disposable period products and protecting the Earth. What a sight! Thank you.