The Perimenopause Bundle
The Perimenopause Bundle
The Perimenopause Bundle

The Perimenopause Bundle


Ok. If you’ve had your period for a few decades, are in what you think are the last years of it, then suddenly you get hit with a wild gushing period which you haven’t experienced since you were a teenager, welcome to Perimenopause. We’ve found The Perimenopause Day 2 to be so extreme - almost a reason to stay home - then suddenly, it’s completely gone by Day 3. But then, the next month might be completely different. We’ve taken into account all these variables and made a bundle. And we’ve called it The Perimenopause Bundle because it’s time that word started being said a lot. 


 This bundle contains: 

- 3 x The Heavy Period. High Waisted

- 3 x The Light Period. High Waisted

- 1 x The Heavy Period. Bikini

- 1 x The Light Period. Bikini 

-  1 x The Reusable Pads 

- Free Shipping


Trying to do period math? Click here to work out how many pairs you need for your period according to your Flow Threshold.