The Most Comfortable Women’s Underwear for Menopause

The Most Comfortable Women’s Underwear for Menopause

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One thing our editors here at Oprah Daily are passionate about is flipping the script on the Big M: menopause. Women who find themselves at this stage of life may experience perimenopause and menopause symptoms including hot flashes, night sweats, bladder weakness, itchy or generally uncomfortable skin, irregular bleeding, and weight changes. On top of everything else that you're already dealing with, changing your entire wardrobe or beauty closet doesn't seem like another thing to add to your list. But—from cooling pajamas for hot flashes and night sweats to hair-thickening shampoos to transform thinning strands—there are finally products popping up that specifically help address a myriad of menopause issues.

If you're facing signs of menopause and need to switch up your underwear game, there are plenty of options to address your specific needs. From leakproof panties (traditionally known as period underwear) for bladder issues to bottoms made from fine fibers for sensitive skin, here are some of the most comfortable underwear for women to wear during menopause.

BEST OVERALL LEAKPROOF UNDERWEAR: The Period Company High-Waisted Period

Renowned celebrity stylist Karla Welch cofounded The Period Company with the mission to provide a sustainable alternative to women's menstrual products—and change the conversation around the topic itself. Today, The Period Company's leakproof underwear is also used for stress incontinence and positional bladder leaks— which, let's be clear, are totally normal. For unexpected bleeding or incontinence, these stretchy, organic cotton-blend high-rise bikinis are as absorbent as five tampons. Worried about fit? Don't be. Each style comes in an extended range of sizes up to 6X.