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Period Underwear
For All.

The 2 Period Guarantee!


Hey, this is a new way to Period. You’ll need one cycle to get used to the idea of flowing and to work out the best way for you to Period. Then you’ll need the second cycle just to get really into it.

If you are not completely obsessed, we’ll give you your money back. No strings attached.

Tax Free. Period.
If you live in a State that still thinks that period products are a luxury product and charges tax, we’ll cover it for you.
To learn what you can do to fight period tax
please visit
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Good For Pee
Period underwear is also excellent for any bladder leaking and can absorb pee. 
For those sneezes, laughs, and work-outs that often come with something extra, we’ve got you!
For that post-baby bladder, we’ve got you! 
For that post-menopausal bladder, we’ve got you!
And if it seems strange to think of an underwear company called Period helping out with pee, then remember it like this…
The end of uncomfortable, unstylish, undignifying incontinence underwear. Period. 

The greatest period experience that you and the earth will ever have. Period.

1. Put your Period underwear on.
2. Go about your day.
3. Sometimes you might have a leaky feeling- remember, this isn't you leaking. This is you flowing.
4. Whenever you go to the bathroom, do a little toilet paper 'tap tap' to absorb any excess blood.
5. Come home, change into a new pair of Period underwear to last the night.
6. Rinse your daytime underwear in cold water and put it in the laundry bin. You'll see some blood, but it's okay - it's your blood.
7. Go to sleep, wake up, repeat.

Our patent-pending four layer absorbency soaks up a full day of period blood. Our unique seam technology prevents leakage through the seams, and our top wicking layer keeps you dry.

Wear us instead of tampons and pads. 

Or, wear us as a back up until you feel comfortable. 
(although we won’t be second place for long!)

Finally, period underwear I can afford. It makes my life easier and it’s better for the planet.
Highly recommend!

Jesse, October 2020

Okay, I will have to admit to you I didn’t buy them for my period, but I did buy them for my bladder leak. Absolutely love them, going to be buying 5 more. I hate using pads and environmentally they are terrible! You do know there is a market out there for people like me.

A., October 2020

I have struggled with period management for years and I have tried everything, except period panties. They were expensive and I just couldn't bring myself to spend the money, but these... I was totally blown away. I have a very heavy period and they took it like it was nothing. Period. has changed the way I bleed. I cannot say enough about these panties. THANK YOU. Period. really has changed my life!

Sarah - October 2020