Period. FAQ

Period is highly absorbent underwear, designed to absorb your period, so you don’t have to use tampons or pads. It has a four layer towel technology with a special wicking layer, which means that any period blood is soaked up super fast and you won’t have a ‘wet feeling.’ After you’ve used a pair, you rinse them under the tap, throw them in your laundry, then they’re ready to use again.

How many pairs you need per period is decided by two things. Firstly, do you want to wash any pairs during your period and reuse them during that same period? And what’s your flow threshold? 

Just to give you an idea (but remember everyone periods differently) - here, we tend to use three to four Heavy Period pairs for Day 1, and the same for Day 2. Then for Day 3, 4 and 5, and sometimes 6 we wear one pair of Light Period a day. Now, if we don’t want to wash any pairs during a period and reuse them, that’s around eight pairs of Heavy Period and four pairs of Light Period. But if we do wash them and reuse them in the same period, we can cut that down by half. So four pairs of Heavy Period (wash three before you go to bed on Day 1, and dry overnight for the next day) and two pairs of Light Period (wash and dry after use).

Everyone periods differently. When you try your first pair of Period, you’ll need to figure out how many hours they can last for on a heavy day. That’s your flow threshold. You know how you just know with a tampon and pad? And how intuitive it is when you need to change? Well exactly the same thing goes with Period underwear. On that first try, check in on your underwear every hour or so and see how they’re doing. You’ll know when you’ve hit that threshold, then just remember that time, so you can build your Period plan around it.

Absolutely. We knew the biggest barrier to people trying Period underwear would be a fear of leaking, so we purposefully designed Period to be super-super absorbent.

Let’s really think about the idea of leaking. Leaking is something that we’ve been taught is horrific by companies that make tampons and pads (which, by the way, we’ve all regularly leaked with). Using Period means shaking off some of that programming: what you experience with Period might feel like leaking, but is actually flowing. And our hyper-absorbent four layer is ready to catch it all.

First of all, Period doesn't leak. Second of all, the difference is just a state of mind. 

Everybody periods differently so it’s tough to be exact. Our average time is about 8 hours on a heavier flow day. Though some customers need to change after 3 to 4 hours, and others can go up to 14 hours (lucky them!). As your period gets lighter, one pair can take you through the day and night (just like regular underwear). But again, everybody Periods differently, so you need to take one cycle to figure out exactly how often you need to change. Start with a conservative estimate on your heavy days, and check in on your Period underwear after 4 hours. If you still feel good, give it another hour. Keep going until you figure out your limit. Here at Period, we find we need between 3 to 4 pairs on the first two heavy days. And if you leak, please forgive us! Just this once. (Remember how many tampons you have forgiven). Treat the ‘leak’ as a gift and note the hour of your leakage. That is the best indicator of your ‘flow threshold’ how long the underwear will last for you.

After you’ve worn your period underwear, rinse them with water.

You’ll see some blood come out, but it’s okay - it’s your blood.

Throw in the laundry bag until laundry day.

Or rub with some soap, hand wash them and hang them up to dry.

Some brands use sprays and finishes in their fabrics to control smell, but these chemicals contain heavy metals we're just not sure about. Until the anti-microbial technology has a natural alternative that's seriously non-toxic, we're going to sit that option out. Fresh period blood doesn’t have a scent that carries. You might smell it on yourself, but think about it - have you ever smelt somebody else’s blood? Also, we’re human. Smells are OK.

Check it out here!

Dr. Sade, our Chief of Medicine, says:

Good news - the material will absorb the liquid that typically surrounds the clot. While the material cannot break down the semi-solid part of the clot, this portion is natural and typically no cause for alarm*. We would recommend a quick *tap tap* of toilet paper on the crotch of the panties when we're in the bathroom to help collect those more solid portions.

(*If you feel you are passing large blood clots (quarter-size or bigger) and your doctor is not aware, be sure to inform him or her to be thorough)

Everybody. You don’t even have to be on your period, or even have a period. We also have adaptable underwear for people with different abilities, as well as boxers, to ensure that everyone who gets a period feels comfortable.

The average period on tampons and pads costs $240 a year. Period costs about $60 a year (five pairs) and can last anywhere from 2 years to 10 years depending on how you take care of them. So let’s say they lasted for 5 years, you’d spend only $60 as opposed to $1200 on pads and tampons during the same amount of time. Wow.

See for yourself. A fun way to really measure it is to put all the waste that you’d accrue from a normal Period in a sink as you use it. All the plastic. All the stuff. That will be your last waste Period. Remember this every time you have a waste free period with Period. Feel free to high 5 anyone around!

Yes! It’s non-disposable - just like your regular underwear, so unlike tampons and pads, it won’t be sitting on a landfill for the next five hundred years. Also what’s good for the Planet, is good for you. Though we can’t scientifically say it, a lot of customers say they have experienced less cramps and a much happier flow. Go ahead. Try it and see.

We all get a little wet sometimes. Period can take care of that too.

Of course. Although are you sure you want to use a product that is more leak-free than a tampon to back up a tampon? If at first you don’t feel comfortable taking the risk, you could try Period underwear one day when you’re at home. You’ll see.

You know how by now with a tampon or pad, you’re just pretty intuitive? Well that’s what happens with Period underwear. You just feel that moment of change brewing. The padding can start to feel a little heavy or like it’s not absorbing any more. That means it’s reached its limit. 

Yes, you can! We recommend tumbling dry on low, but whatever happens, happens. 

That’s the whole idea.

You know the period gush? That inexplicable moment that usually happens when you wake up on day two and get out of bed. Well, as soon as you get out of bed on day 2, change your underwear. Your new pair will handle the gush and give your nighttime pair some respite. 

Just take a little baggie with a fresh pair of underwear in your bag. When you feel like it’s time to change, go to the bathroom, take off the worn pair, put it in your baggie, wrap it up and put on the new pair. You can rinse and wash the worn pair later at home. 

Our fabrics have been rigorously tested to ensure we comply with best practices. Actually, we think Period is the safest, best way to period and our Chief of Medicine agrees. 
Period is a completely different experience, where you're not clogged up and can really just experience your period for the first time (the way you should have done all along). With no waste, it's also much better for the Planet. 

And BTW, do you know the FDA has 400 defect warnings about tampons? Yikes. 

Please record a video and send it to us!

Get ready to win that gold.

We felt the word had had a pretty bad rap for the last two thousand years. It was part of an old story, one where people were embarrassed and ashamed of their periods, and taught to pretend they weren’t even there. We don’t believe in that story. We believe in a new one, where your period can be a symbol of your personal power.

From the moment you start your period, and even before. Period is just like regular comfy underwear, designed to catch any leaks. And it lasts all day!

Everybody periods in different ways. We’ve created the two period guarantee, so that you can work out how many pairs of Period you need to get through your period.

Definitely. Also, congratulations!

Before we answer that, let’s talk about what ‘fresh’ actually means. Are we talking about the astringent ‘fresh’ that decades of advertising has systematically told people they have to be. Or are we talking about feeling clean and not leaking? We’re that kind of fresh.

Please do! A lot of stuff comes out both during and after your pregnancy. We all know how powerful those sneezes can be. And those laughs.


Light Absorbency FAQ

Hell yes you can! They’re perfect for those days when your period is doing the ‘I’m still here, not I’m not’ dance.

About 4 to 6 tablespoons of blood. They’re great for as soon as your period flow leaves the heavy zone. If you want to wear them while you’re in the heavy zone, go for it - but change often.

Everybody Periods differently, so you need to take one cycle to figure out exactly when to pop on the lighter absorbency model and if you need to change twice a day, or not at all. Spend a day finding that limit. And if you leak, please forgive us! Just this once. (Remember how many tampons you have forgiven). Treat the ‘leak’ as a gift and note the hour of your leakage. That is the best indicator of your ‘flow threshold’ how long the light absorbency underwear will last for you.

We are a community-inspired company and many of our customers have asked for a thong so we made one. It can absorb a light amount of Period blood (about 4 tablespoons) and is designed for those days and occasions when your period is light and you just want to feel like you again. Work out in it, go for dinner in it, do whatever you want but do not attempt a heavy day in the thong.

All Period. Underwear are non toxic. We are proud to say that we are one of six period underwear brands in the US who don’t believe in putting chemicals in our underwear. Seventeen brands do use them, so if not having toxins near the most sensitive part of your body is something you care about, be vigilant. Always ask ‘are you PFA-free? ‘ For more information, check out this article

Lighter Absorbency Period is for light days and Original Period is for heavy days. You can wear Original Period. throughout your period, but if you want to feel less padding on your lighter days, then Lighter Absorbency Period is for you.

We love bulky. Bulky on heavy days and at night makes us feel super safe. But as your period evolves over the days, you might want your underwear to mirror your lighter flow with a lighter padding. 

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