Our Mission

Dear World,

In 1931, a man invented the tampon. (Actually some nurses had invented it before but the man was the one who patented and sold the idea).

Around the same time, some advertising agencies and magazines began to build on the age-old idea that the period was a burden, something that needed to be hidden and overcome. They made you worry about lots of things like leaking and period smells. They made you think that it was unclean to have a period somehow and that periods were the opposite of freedom.

Those advertisers and their clients told us that sticking a piece of cotton inside of us and a disposable pad in our underwear were the only options. And they never mentioned the fact that these period products caused so much damage to the Earth, with most of them outliving all of us in landfills and the oceans.

No one has made a product that is kind to the user and to the Planet.
A product that shifts the story. A product that is affordable to all.

So we’re doing it.
Because we can’t start writing the new story until we’ve got rid of the old one.
And it has to be a better one, right?

We believe periods are a superpower and when we tune into them and just flow, some incredible things might happen.

We cannot wait to see what happens to you.

The future is tugging, and that tug is not the tug of a tampon string.


The Period Company.™