The Most Comfortable
Underwear for leaks

Doctor Approved!
"This is a great solution to disposable brands and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to a client that needs the extra protection from incontinence."

Dr. Sade Imeokparia
Chief Medical Officer at Period.

Discreet under clothing

"Just like regular underwear"

Reusable and Sustainable

"Save money and the Planet"

Comfortable and Breathable

"So good you'll wear them everyday"


I bought Period panties for my 18 year old, who is very happy to have them - no more leaks. However, I wanted to tell you about my 90 year old aunt: I sent her the Period Pads, to try out for incontinence. She had been using Depends and the like because that's all there was. She felt unclean wearing them and didn't like going out for any length of time. She is so thrilled with the pads! she said they don't feel "soggy" and she feels she has her dignity back. Dignity. That's something money can't buy. So, from my favorite Aunt to you, Thank you.

Beki M., Nov 2021

Great Product.

First, I would like to tell you that I am 76-years old with mild incontinence. These panties are a lifesaver on days when I am out and about for many hours, e.g. hiking, shopping, junking, etc.

Second, I just ordered three pairs of rose colored panties that will work great under light colored pants for the summer. Thank you! I was going to write and ask you about new colors.

Lastly, I think you should consider marketing to women of my age who are still active, but have aging issues. This product delivers peace of mind to me. I have told my peers all about them.

Jenny G, June 2021

Thank god! The first incontinence underwear that actually feels like regular underwear

Paula, January 2021

These work!! I don’t have to worry about leaks anymore and they’re so comfy.

Jessica, November 2020

Love love love how absorbent these are.

Jen, December 2020

Protective, affordable and comfortable. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to
all my patients.

Dr. Sade, Chief Medical Officer at Period., November 2020

Okay, I will have to admit to you I didn’t buy them for my period, but I did buy them for my bladder leak. Absolutely love them, going to be buying 5 more. I hate using pads and environmentally they are terrible! You do know there is a market out there for people like me.

A., October 2020