We've got some big news

We've got some big news

When we started Period. in 2020, we wrote down all the things that we wanted to happen and stuck them on a board. We’re firm believers that as soon as you can picture something, you’re already making it happen. 

The first thing we wrote was that the Period Company would help change the experience of periods in the world - we’d remove all the negative storytelling and  centuries of shame from the experience, and help transform the word ‘period’ into something positive.

Ok, we thought, that’s a pretty big goal for a small operation (at this point, possibly an insane goal). How would we do that? 

So we wrote down a second thing: we had to find a way of making the underwear accessible to everyone, not just with pricing but with physical availability.  Then Karla wrote one word and four numbers under that. 

Walmart 2023. 

When we told people that that was our intention, we got a few raised eyebrows, a couple of laughs and ‘but aren’t you too small?’ Then last year we met an agency, who didn’t think we were crazy, and who offered to support us and set up a meeting with Walmart. We thought that would probably be months away. Then we got the email: can you come to Arkansas next week? 

We ran for the plane, almost missed it, and landed in Bentonville with a suitcase full of underwear. We headed to the agency in the morning to prepare for our meeting, though with our mostly female team, we all ended up talking about our periods and our experiences of them. 

Then we headed to Walmart armed with our underwear suitcase and everything we always talk about with you - imagination, changing the period experience…

We met with an incredible man and woman. The man had a daughter, and the woman had just had her second daughter. We talked about the dream of changing the story of the period over a table with twenty pairs of underwear laid out over it. It was a fantastic meeting.  A week later we got the call. You’re going to be in Walmart. 2023.  

And now we are. From this month. In 540 stores. We just got the pictures of our Period. stand in the first few stores and feel profoundly affected by it. 

Yes, we have arrived in the biggest retail store in America. But it’s more than that. In a world where we’re still dealing with a lot of negative story telling as far as periods go, even to the point where education about periods is being challenged, there’s a bright red stand, somewhere near you, proudly and cheerily proclaiming the word ‘Period’ with no shame and no judgement. That stand carries the same feeling of the room in Arkansas where we were all just talking about our periods, and it’s the same feeling we have when we talk with you. 

And that feeling is only spreading. 

To 540 stores and beyond! 

Thank you, as always, for your support.

X Period.