The Period. Pouch
The Period. Pouch
The Period. Pouch
The Period. Pouch
The Period. Pouch

The Period. Pouch

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Hi! Remember all those times when you had to awkwardly hide a tampon or pad up your sleeve? Well, I’m the opposite of that! I am the extremely proud and red Period. bag. I’m designed for those on the move days, when you need to take an extra set of Period. with you to change into. You can keep the fresh pair in me, then when you need to change, you can put the worn pair in me too (don’t worry! I have an absorbent liner, which means that I am leak-proof). I may not look like history, but I am! I am the very first proud and not too discreet carrier of period items ever. So wave me around! Champion not being ashamed of your period. Or, if that feels a bit too much, you can just say that you’re just a supporter of punctuation marks. Ps did I say I’m great for gym and work days? 

This bag fits one pair of most Period. Underwear. 

Bag Dimensions 

6.75" (Height) x 8.75" (Length) x .75" (Width)

Shell: 100% Polyester

Lining: 100% EVA

Spot clean with a damp cloth only.

Do not wash. 

Do not dry.

Do not iron or steam. 

Do not bleach.

Do not dry clean.

This bag is lined with a waterproof material that keeps the rest of your bag safe from used products. 

Message from a turtle: Oh hello. When you're my age (110 years old), you've seen a lot of stuff. I hope I live to see a world where there's no more non-disposable garbage in the ocean like tampons and pads. Sometimes I feel pretty down about the whole situation. Then, I hear about people like you who are shifting behaviors and making a difference and I get that warm feeling (unusual for turtles) where I just know everything is going to be ok.