Are Period. Underwear made without PFAS?

Yes we are and proud of it.

Here’s how we make that possible: Before going into production, each Period. fabric is tested by Intertek Labs to ensure the fabric passes both CA PROP 65 And a PFAS panel. The CA prop 65 panel tests for over 400 toxins and carcinogens, in addition to a wide range of PFAS. Then, during production, we consumer test the bulk product at UL labs. These tests include color fastness, shrinkage, performance and another round of heavy metal and PFAS testing. Each piece of Period. fabric has to pass these tests otherwise they don’t make it out of the door. We have been tested by numerous consumer groups and have just received a validation from UL of PFAS NOT DETECTED for all products. 

Now let’s ask tampon what’s in their product?