Flowing Is Knowing

Once you start using Period., something begins to happen. 
It’s more than a physical feeling. It’s something else. 
It’s not easy to describe. We just have the first word. Flow. 
We’d love to hear if you’ve felt it too. 
Email us at flow@period.co

I have struggled with period management for years and I have tried everything, except period panties. They were expensive and I just couldn’t bring myself to spend the money, but these… I was totally blown away. I have a very heavy period and they took it like it was nothing. Period. has changed the way I bleed. I cannot say enough about these panties. THANK YOU. Period. really has changed my life!

Sarah, October 2020

My expectation was to put these underwear on while I was on my period, and live my life. And that’s exactly what happened. No worrying about having enough pads or tampons, no going to the bathroom constantly (even on my heaviest days), and not wondering if I had to wash the sheets in the morning. For the first time in my life since I got my period, I spent the week just living my life. The end. Thank you Period Company.

Fortune, November 2020

This makes me feel so happy and validated. When I told me doctor that I think tampons and my menstrual cup we’re making my cramps worst she looked at me like I was crazy… I just added it to the list of “pelvic pain that may or may not be all in my head” and kept using tampons on heavy days. So just even the fact that there are other people who experience this is a big realization. Also - my period underwear is literally the perfect size to hold a hot water bottle in place of my asshole uterus. Ahh I just love this and what you’re doing so much. Thank you for doing the work!!

T.D., November 2020

I’m 48 years old and don’t think that I’ve ever been excited to get my period (relieved maybe, but never excited). I couldn’t wait to try my new period panties this month. They totally live up to the hype! Comfortable fit, no leakage even on my heaviest days, and no waste. Thank you for developing this liberating product!

Jenny, November 2020

No questions but I wanted you all to know that even a few days in to my first time using your underwear, I’m never going back to anything else! I only purchased 3 to try and I had to use a tampon today and within an hour I have cramps — which I haven’t had the past few days (I’ve been washing them daily and forgot to dry them last night to have a pair for today, hence the tampon). At first I was convinced I wasn’t going to like period underwear. But in less than a day I was a believer and didn’t even notice them anymore. Thank you for this product!

T.H., November 2020

Okay, I will have to admit to you I didn’t buy them for my period, but I did buy them for my bladder leak. Absolutely love them, going to be buying 5 more. I hate using pads and environmentally they are terrible! You do know there is a market out there for people like me.

A., October 2020

During my last period, I bought 3 pairs of Period. undies from y’all. This morning, I started my first period since receiving those undies. Today has been shockingly surprising. Not that I didn’t have faith in your product, it’s still just mind blowing to experience it first hand. If I didn’t have cramps happening, I wouldn’t even know I was flowing. I’m dry, there’s no wet feeling at all, and it feels like I’m just hanging out in my normal underwear. I’m planning to send a follow up email after this period is over, but day 1 has been a 10/10 success. Thank you for your product, thank you for your time, and thank you for helping me flow the way nature intended.

Caitlin, October 2020

I was so excited to try these! They’re exactly what I was looking for in period underwear. Soft fabric, moisture wicking, they don’t dig in at the legs, and exactly zero leaks! Yes, the padding exists and is occasionally noticeable. But like another reviewer said, it’s a similar experience to wearing pads. Tampon users may have an adjustment to how it feels? But basically, I love them. I have the high waisted and the bikini and have the boy shorts on the way! Periods don’t suck anymore, thank you Period!

Jeny, December 2020

Here’s my period story:

My daughter is 7 years old and I always would let her (and my son-they’re twins) see me change my pads and we talked about periods since they were young enough to ask me “What’s that?”. Now my daughter cannot wait to get her period underwear and my son is a little bummed he won’t get any! ha ha! she likes to watch me rinse in the shower and says that she will take good care of hers just like mine. So please, keep the good work up, I want to have her for hers when she starts her period.

thanks again,

D.S., November 2020