Good For Pee

Period underwear is also excellent for any bladder leaking and can absorb pee. 
For those sneezes, laughs, and work-outs that often come with something extra, we’ve got you!
For that post-baby bladder, we’ve got you! 
For that post-menopausal bladder, we’ve got you!
And if it seems strange to think of an underwear company called Period helping out with pee, then remember it like this…
The end of uncomfortable, unstylish, undignifying incontinence underwear. Period. 

Okay, I will have to admit to you I didn’t buy them for my period, but I did buy them for my bladder leak. Absolutely love them, going to be buying 5 more. I hate using pads and environmentally they are terrible! You do know there is a market out there for people like me.

A., October 2020

I wear them everyday for my stress incontinence. My jeans and laundry thank you.

G.C., January 2021