How to Wear Period.

What's my flow threshold? 
Everyone periods differently. When you try your first pair of Period, you’ll need to figure out how many hours they can last for on a heavy day. That’s your flow threshold. You know how you just know with a tampon and pad? And how intuitive it is when you need to change? Well exactly the same thing goes with Period underwear. On that first try, check in on your underwear every hour or so and see how they’re doing. You’ll know when you’ve hit that threshold, then just remember that time, so you can build your Period plan around it. 
How many pairs should I buy? 
How many pairs you need per period is decided by two things. Firstly, do you want to wash any pairs during your period and reuse them during that same period? And what’s your flow threshold? 
Just to give you an idea (but remember everyone periods differently) - here, we tend to use three to four Heavy Period pairs for Day 1, and the same for Day 2. Then for Day 3, 4 and 5, and sometimes 6 we wear one pair of Light Period a day. Now, if we don’t want to wash any pairs during a period and reuse them, that’s around eight pairs of Heavy Period and four pairs of Light Period. But if we do wash them and reuse them in the same period, we can cut that down by half. So four pairs of Heavy Period (wash three before you go to bed on Day 1, and dry overnight for the next day) and two pairs of Light Period (wash and dry after use).
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