Kauai. Period.

Aloha People on the Island of Kauai!

Local organizations are doing something very, very exciting. 

They’re giving free period products to everyone on the island who has a period. 

Yes, free!  

They’re distributing 5 pairs of  Period. Underwear per person. 

Period. Underwear is underwear that absorbs period blood. You wear it when you have your period, just like regular underwear, then you wash it and wear it again. It’s waste-free, sustainable and lasts for years.  

This is the really exciting part. 

If everyone on Kauai has Period. Underwear, the island will become the first community on this planet to have zero period poverty. 

Nobody on Kauai will ever experience not being able to access/buy period products again, and all the stressful feelings that come with that.


The island will also be free from all the waste that comes with disposable products like pads and tampons.  

So what do you think? 

Will you help? If you have a period, go here ###### and if you know someone with a period, can you tell them?  

We want this project to be so incredible, that Kauai inspires the next island to do the same, and the next, then the whole of Hawaii and then the world!

So let’s get started. 

Kauai. Period. 



[we need info about how someone gets it] 



Period. Underwear is the safest, most absorbent, comfiest and most sustainable way to period. You wear it instead of pads or tampons, and reuse it for years and years. 

It’s like a regular pair of underwear with an inbuilt absorbent pad, which absorbs your period blood. 

On a heavy day, you might need to wear one or two pairs. Then on a lighter day, just one pair. If you have stress incontinence, Period. Underwear also helps absorb any pee. After you wear them, you wash them and wear them again and again, just like your other underwear. 

You never have to worry about not having period products ever again, and because the underwear is sustainable, you’re keeping Kauai free from period trash.