Pee. FAQ

It’s more than okay! And most of us do it. If you’re doing it too, congratulations, it means you’re a human.

No. Pee. is the first underwear designed by a Hollywood stylist to absorb bladder leaks. They’re designed to be just like your regular favorite comfy underwear, but with a highly absorbent area.

Pee has a four layer towel technology with a wicking surface that can absorb a light to middle day of pee leaks. If you ever feel a little wet, just go to the bathroom and tap the wicking surface with toilet paper, to speed up the absorbency. If you have a much bigger pee leak, Pee. can absorb it, but you’ll want to change it into a new pair.

Do you ever pee a little when you sneeze, cough, work out? Or have you had children and had little pee leaks ever since? Or have you just experienced more pee leaks as you’ve grown older? If you have any kind of pee leaks, Pee. is for you.

Pee is for anybody who experiences pee leaks. Just to break the ice: everybody who works at Pee (ages 25 to 46) experiences pee leaks.

Great! We love talking about Pee. Please get in touch with our customer service and we can help you.

One pair can last a day if it’s just absorbing light-to-middle pee leaks. If you have a bigger leak, you’ll need to change it to another pair.

No. We were pretty shocked by the prices of other pee underwears, especially the disposable kind, so we deliberately made the price low. Pee is also resusable so you can use one pair again and again. Depending on how you take care of it, one pair of Pee. can last anywhere between two years and ten years.

We exist to better the experience of pee leaks for everybody on the Earth and the Earth. We do the first by creating the most affordable and the greatest pee underwear ever and we do the second, by making Pee. reusable.

No. but if they do, they’ll probably say ‘where can I get a pair!?’