Our Mission

Pee. Happens.

Let’s just finally admit it. It does.

And it’s not undignified, embarrassing or something to be secret about. It’s just another thing your body does.

At Period., we try to make talking about periods the most natural thing in the world. But something very unexpected has happened while we’ve been talking about them.

We started talking about pee. A lot.

We chat to our customers about how we all sometimes pee when we sneeze, run, work out, hike, when we laugh, more and more as we’re getting older, and because many of us have had children.

The reason pee has come up in the conversation is that many of our customers have told us that Period. works amazingly for pee leaks and used the word ‘game changer’ a lot.

We said, ‘we know, we use it for that too.’

Then another one of our customers said ‘I don’t know why you’re not making a really big deal out of this.’

Thank you.

Today we launch Pee. underwear for light to medium pee leaks (and of course periods). It’s for stress incontinence and positional bladder leaks - the kind that happen when you’re moving around, a leak here and there. They’re not for serious bladder leaks. If you’re having those, then we advise going to see a doctor, who’ll be able to figure out why.

Pee is a great product with a great mission, because we’re going to do for pee what we’re doing for periods. Let’s rewrite the story about why we feel so bad about what comes out of our bodies. And, let’s give our bodies a product that is way better than all the expensive disposable crap that we’ve been told is the only option for so long.



Pee. by Period.™