Period Poverty Awareness Week

 This week is Period Poverty Awareness Week.
Period Poverty is when people who period don't have access to period products. It happens everywhere: from America to Africa.
It has big repercussions: people don't go to school, experience deep shame and suddenly all opportunities seem cut off.
For years, the solution to this has been to donate disposable period products, but it's not a solution. It doesn't get people out of the cycle of period poverty, because you can only use a tampon/pad once and then you are back to square one.
Period underwear, as you know, is reusable and a long-term way of getting period empowerment.
When you buy a pair of Period underwear, you aren't just buying underwear, you are embarking on a mission.
That mission is to make the experience of the period better for everyone on Earth (including the Earth).
Today, as a continuation of our mission, for every pair purchased, Period. will match and donate a pair to organizations that get products to people in need. 
With love and gratitude,

The Period Company