Swim FAQ

Will Period. Swim save me from sharks?

Sadly, sharks and periods have a lot in common when it comes to negative story- telling. Possibly one of the worst stories out there in terms of a period, is the one that suggests a shark may eat you because of your menstrual cycle. To be clear: a shark is not interested in someone swimming in the ocean with a period. Period blood is very diluted with water and other stuff. The chances of a shark, who again really isn’t interested in humans, sensing that blood in the middle of an ocean with so much other stuff going on, zooming over to you, exerting the energy to attack you -  is zero. Stories are strong. So if you still feel scared swimming in the ocean, try and turn that fear into compassion for the shark. Your period and the shark have endured the same nonsense and are due a new kinder era. 

What do I wear with Period. Swim? 

Anything that makes you feel good. You can wear a bikini top. Or a T shirt. Or a tank top. Anything. If you want advice, hit us up on our instagram. 

How long can I swim for before Period. Swim leaks?

You can swim as long as you want. Period blood really doesn’t come out in the water because of the water pressure. But you do flow on the beach, by the pool, the lake etc… That’s what Period Swim absorbs. One pair can hold up two tampons worth of blood. If you want to double up on a heavy day, just add some Period. Pads. 

Can I wear Period. Swim. To a pool party? 

Yes!! We designed Period. Swim because we heard so many stories about people, especially teens, not going to pool parties or the beach, because of their period. Your period should not stop you from doing anything. 

What do I say if someone says ‘your bikini doesn’t match your bottoms?’ 

You say ‘bye bye.’ 

How did I manage before Period. Swim? 

You didn’t! 

Are Period. Swim free of toxins? 

Absolutely. At the Period Company, we’ve made a vow to never have toxins in our products. You shouldn’t have one of the most sensitive parts of your body exposed to any chemicals. And now with Period, you don’t have to.