When we started Period a year ago, we didn’t want to build another brand. We wanted to help create a community around a meaningful idea.

That idea was pretty simple.

What if the experience of the period was better for everyone around the world?

Now fundamentally we couldn’t change the experience of periods. Any of us who periods knows that physically and emotionally it’s a pretty mental thing to go through every month. (By the way, we also know, that if the other half of the world who doesn’t period ever experienced a period, they would check themselves into the ER).

But we could look at anything negative on top of that.

For us, that was a few things.

Most of the storytelling around periods, the advertising, the way we got told about periods by older people in our lives when we were kids, still felt pretty negative even today. It still felt like a period was a hassle, a burden that we had to push through or hide.

Then there were bad products that made the experience worse. Tampons, pads, leaking.

And most significantly, there was the fact, that most people who period in the world have limited or no access to period products for financial reasons. The ramifications of that are huge: people stop going to school, they are discriminated against, deep shame is felt.

So we made a great product with the most accessible price.

And we named it Period. That name is important. It’s about stripping away all those old stories, old baggage, right back to just a word and a personal experience that’s just yours.

Then we wondered how we could solve the biggest problem. How could we help all the people who period who don’t have access to products?

The answer was simple. It still is.


Community is the most powerful thing that exists.
A community looks after everyone in it.
A community isn’t driven by the whims one person - but by the hearts of everyone.
A community isn’t just about people, it’s the earth, the animals, the plants, the trees, the water.
And the story a community tells can be so strong and empowering.
It’s not about ‘those who have’ giving to ‘those who don’t have,’ it’s about a group of people bonded by a common experience, heading towards a common goal.
That goal?
To give everyone in the world a better period, because if we can remove all the obstacles that people who period face, then what can happen?

Something magnificent we think.

If you want to read more about the Period. Communities we’re helping to build across the world, you can do that here. Or if know people who need access to products then let us know. Or if you want to help get pairs to someone in need you can do that by donating here. Or if you just want to have your period in Period. underwear and nothing else, that’s amazing too.

To every member of our community, we just wanted to say an enormous, infinite, thank you.

Now let's change the world. Together.