The Community. Donation.

The Community. Donation.

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We're not just on our periods, we're on a mission.

Right now 800 million people are having their period. Well over half of them don’t have access to safe, consistent, sustainable period products. For so many, that means that they don’t go to school, can’t access their potential, and have to deal with terrible shame. And it’s not just happening in faraway lands, but also right here at home in America. 

Frankly, in 2021, the fact that this exists is unbelievable. So, as a community, we’re going to put a stop to it. With The Community. Donation, you can purchase Period. underwear for someone out there who needs it and we’ll donate it to them through our Community Donation Program. Your $20.00 donation covers the cost for us to ship 4 pairs of underwear to our featured organization. 

 Our featured organization is The Pad Project. 

The Pad Project’s mission is to create and cultivate local and global partnerships to end period stigma and to empower women and all menstruators worldwide.

We learned about The Pad Project through their documentary that won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Short, Period. End of Sentence. We love them because they're young, they care enough to do the work and isn't that what community is?!
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