The Sleeper Period.
The Sleeper Period.
The Sleeper Period.
The Sleeper Period.
The Sleeper Period.
The Sleeper Period.
The Sleeper Period.
The Sleeper Period.
The Sleeper Period.
The Sleeper Period.

The Sleeper Period.

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Heavy absorbency: designed for heavy nights, mid flow nights and outrageous day 1s.  

Absorbs up to 10 tampons or 6 pads of flow. 

I’m dedicated to giving you a good night’s sleep on your period. I have a built in five layer padding that absorbs vertical flow and horizontal flow, because when you sleep your period can flow a little differently and I want to make sure your night is leak proof.  I’m made of soft organic cotton and am cozy, comfy and snug so you feel safe and secure and like you’re wearing a combo of your favorite leggings and PJs. I’m also great for those outrageous first heavy days, when if you have an option of laying on a couch all day, you take it. Sleep well.

When to wear: on heavy nights, or very heavy days.

Trying to do period math? Click here to work out how many pairs you need for your period according to your Flow Threshold.

This style runs true to size and fits like a standard biker short. You can see our size chart here.

Our Fabrics

Body: 95% Organic Cotton with 5% Spandex Jersey

Absorbent Layer: 100% Polyester  

Leak Proof Layer: 100% Polyester PUL


None, zero, nada, zilch. We are proud to be one of the few period underwear brands that do not use any toxins in our products because who wants chemicals near the most sensitive part of their body? Not us. Or you.

Our fabrics have been rigorously tested by a third party company to ensure we are compliant with industry standards and best practices. We are proud to use fabric that is free of PFAS toxins. You can read more about product safety here

How to take care of your Period.

Rinse for a few seconds.

Either hand wash and hang dry, or add to the laundry pile.

Regular wash, no bleach.

Tumble dry low or hang dry.

Do not dry clean.

Each pair of Period. underwear can hold up to 10 tbls, or 8-10 tampons, worth of blood.

Check out our absorbency test video here.

You can see the length of the absorbent panel here.

How long will one pair of Period. last?

Everybody periods differently so it’s tough to be exact. Our average time is about 8 hours on a heavier flow day. Though some customers need to change after 3 to 4 hours, and others can go up to 14 hours (lucky them!). As your period gets lighter, one pair can take you through the day and night (just like regular underwear). But again, everybody Periods differently, so you need to take one cycle to figure out exactly how often you need to change. Start with a conservative estimate on your heavy days, and check in on your Period underwear after 4 hours. If you still feel good, give it another hour. Keep going until you figure out your limit. Here at Period, we find we need between 3 to 4 pairs on the first two heavy days, including evenings. And if you leak, please forgive us! Just this once. (Remember how many tampons you have forgiven). Treat the ‘leak’ as a gift and note the hour of your leakage. That is the best indicator of your ‘flow threshold’ how long the underwear will last for you.

Message from a used tampon: Hi, I’m a tampon that was last used in 1946 - only once - and I’m still languishing on a land fill. As you can imagine, I’ve had a lot of time to reflect. What was the point of me? Why did someone use me once for just a few hours and nearly a hundred years later, I’m still here? Why? This feels like a pretty stupid system to me. Please overthrow it! Please use non-disposable products so that no tampon ever has to feel this useless again. Thank you.